The Tailrace Centre is a story of Giving that Changes Lives.

Every day the Tailrace Centre story of Giving unfolds and my heart sings with gratitude and thankfulness.

To Syria with Love…

Just before Christmas we were able to send $1004 to Syria.

The money will be spent on creating child friendly spaces for children fleeing the fighting in Mosul.

The child friendly spaces are spaces where children can enjoy life and recover from the devastation of war.

To Families with Love…

On Christmas Eve we were able to bless a family doing it really hard with a cheque for $375.  This money was raised through our “Have your Photo with Santa…”

Thank you to everyone who supported and who gave.  xxx Love your heart.

Miracle Offering

Every year we hold a Miracle Offering and this year $23,128.70 was raised.  This money will be distributed by the Board to areas that include:

Loving our City, our Nation and our World.  So stay tuned for more information on how this beautiful gift will be sent on its way.


Pay It Forward

You can pay it forward to:
  • Shine
  • Tailoring Centres
  • Children’s Homes
  • Syria
  • Be Her Freedom
By purchasing a meal at Tailrace Cafe.  Every time you purchase a meal you get to drop a coffee bean into a jar representing your project choice.

Send Love on its Way

 Donations can be made by the letter box drop in the foyer.

On Line Donating

You can donate on line:

Direct Deposits are to be paid into the Tailrace Centre Account:

Acc Name: NDCCInc

BSB: 067 003

Acc No: 1000 4274

Simple indicate which program you want to sponsor.

Total donations for 2016: 237, 244.19