An evening with Tim & Sharon: Q & A

By January 20, 2018Community
An evening with Tim & Sharon: Q & A
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Date(s) - 20/01/2018
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Tailrace Centre


Over the past few months Tim & Sharon have had lots of request for mentoring on issues related to:

  • Business
  • Community Development
  • Marriage
  • Kids and Family Life Balance
  • Spirituality and Faith


So we decided to create an event:  An evening with Tim & Sharon.

Q & A style you can ask whatever you want on this evening.

Some of the questions over the past few months have been:

  • “How do you stay in business when tough times come?”
  • “How can I be successful?”
  • “How can I be my best self?
  • “How can I grow and go deeper as a person?
  • “Is there such a thing as work and family life balance?”
  • “How do I love people when they hurt me?”
  • “How do I know she’s the one?”
  • “Where is God when life seems so hard?”

The Evening

Starting at 6pm with nibbles, pizza and a grazing table you will have opportunity to write some questions, meet some people and enjoy life at the table.

Later in the evening we will simply do a Q and A time with Tim & Sharon


$25 per head

$20 for 2

$15 for 5.

A donation jar will also be available for those wanting to contribute to the Work with No Barriers project.

How do I book?

You can book by filling out the contact form or phoning the office 63274538

Payments can be made directly to Tailrace Centre:  Q & A Night

Acc Name: NDCCInc

BSB: 067 003

Acc No: 1000 4274

A little bit about Tim

I studied business and became a chartered accountant, intent on amassing a fortune. By the time I was 39, I was a major shareholder and key director in an investment management company and financial planning network that we built and took Australia wide.

I loved what I did and the amazing ride we had, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to invest my life in seeing people’s lives changed. I wanted to see other people succeed, not just in business but in life. I love championing those younger than me and cheering them on, giving them what help I can and perhaps even the courage to live a life that exceeds their wildest dreams.

Over the years, as well as being an accountant and business man, I’ve been and still am a pastor, a mentor to some amazing people, a trainer and equipper, the leader of an Australia wide network of churches, and I’ve sat on and led boards in the business, government, church and social enterprise spheres. Most important of all, I’m a dad to 3 amazing grown kids, a father in law to my 2 wonderful daughter in laws and a husband to my incredible and very unique wife. And to top it all off, I’m a fly fishing introvert who loves life and who loves the church community that I’m part of; Tailrace Community, the church Sharon and I started 24 years ago for people who wanted to experience genuine community and discover a faith that works.

A little bit about Sharon

I trained and worked as a social worker until 3 babies came to steal my heart. Two of those babies have now brought home two beautiful daughters in laws. Part of my MORE… who would have thought I would have received such a beautiful gift from my boys.

I married a finance man because I’m not good at that side of things and one of us had to be. He’s also the opposite to me – logical, patient, introverted, and get’s things right.

I became a pastor and a business woman of 3 businesses all at once…. which was a scary, hard and required my soul to stretch. In that space, I became good friends with hurry and hustle and learned that creativity has a speed all of its own…



But sometimes costly unless I keep my soul.

Becoming a pastor and a business woman was part of my MORE, my sacred dreams and sacred spaces. I love the Tailrace Centre and Kids Paradise and all the little ways we send love on its way. I love Tailrace Community Church with all of its rich diversity of colour, different spiritual spaces, and the rugged beauty of different stories told. I love advocating and championing the rights of children. I have loved being part of seeing Bravehearts, Emily’s Voice and the CAP Debt Centre get established in Tasmania. I love supporting women in India.

I’m not good at running slow through life. I struggle with hurry and hustle and taking days off.

I don’t think my heart will ever join the crowd who don’t dream, imagine or pioneer. Who doesn’t want to reach out to love with courage and imagination?