Kids Drinks 2021

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As part of our Cafe Vision for 2021 we are looking at Kids Drinks 2021.

Thank You!

Last week we released a survey inviting you into our Cafe Vision 2021.  Many of you positively responded to our Survey.  Thank you we appreciated the feedback immensely.

Kids Drink Survey 2021

This week we want to invite you to participate in a survey about Kids Drinks 2021

The Why???

This week we attended the Nutrition for Life Cocktail Party with Damon Gameau actor and director of That Sugar Film and Gary Fettke from Nutrition for Life.

I was deeply impacted by the information given regarding Australian children, their obesity and future health or potential lack of.

“Childhood obesity is on the rise – there is no doubt. And there are a number of factors that could contribute, including less outdoor playtime subbed with more screen time, increased consumption of processed foods, and negative environmental factors.”  

“More than 80% of Australian children and youth consume over 10% of their daily energy intake from free sugars.(5)”

 “One 600 mL bottle of coke contains approximately 64g (16 teaspoons) of sugar, drinking just one bottle of coke, exceeds your threshold for ALL foods and drinks…for the whole day.

Excerpts from Damon Gameau’s Blog That Sugar Film

The Concern of My Heart

As manager of a business that has as its core value “Family Matters, Children Matter, You Matter”, I found myself deeply troubled.  Since then I’ve done quite a bit of research and searching of my heart.

Am I really valuing children?

Am I contributing to the obesity level of children?

Am I valuing income more than the life of a child and the quality of life that that child might lead?

How can I contribute in a way that might better express my heart for placing value on children and families?

Can we in our own small way impact the next generation by offering only healthy options?

In preparing our vision for 2021 I am asking yet again for your help.  Would you please be part of this weeks survey regarding our drinks fridge?