Healthier Options

By June 30, 2016 February 19th, 2020 The Table
Beyond cold tea and crackers...

Change is always one bite at a time.  This is simply what we are trying to do in providing you with healthier options.

These school holidays you can expect to find:

Little Hero Boxes

We want to raise superhero’s and food is so important for kids to become superhero’s.

These snack boxes contain no added sugar, no refined carbohydrates and no overly processed ingredients.  They are low as possible in total sugars, as well as high gluten grains specifically wheat barley and rye.

Chicken Nuggets from Real Chicken

‘Chef Armi’ making some house made chicken nuggets from real chicken
What you can expect

We know many of you parents are concerned about what is in a chicken nugget.  We have done quite a bit of research into what a nugget contains and there are conflicting reports.

We made the decision last school holidays to make our own nuggets.  Local chicken breast tossed in panko, eggs and flour.  The nuggets are preservative free but not gluten free.


Lolly Cups

As of the 1st of August Lolly Cups for a Birthday party will be $1 extra.  In its place we will be providing popcorn cups.

As of the 1st of June the lolly cups have been removed from the cafe bench.  In its place we have been stocking  our beautiful house baked seed crackers, nuts and as of next week popcorn and cheese and crackers.  We also have some protein balls available these aren’t made on site as our chef’s are still trying to keep up with demand.



With every purchase you can choose your own apple to take away to munch on.

Raw Desserts

You will notice in the front cabinet the increased range of raw dessert options.  P1060234