Child Care Training Hub

Child Care training hub

In conjunction with Queechy High Tailrace provides opportunity for Childcare Training for students.

The students attend once a fortnight for an 8 week period.

In that time they are given some theoretical knowledge on how to care for children and then are supervised and given practical training for a 2 hour period.

The Child Care Training occurs during Soul Care when mums drop their littles off to be looked after.

At the end of the last Training Hub we asked the students what they thought of the training.

What’s something that you got out of the Childcare Training Hub?

  • How to look after kids the right way
  • How to keep kids settled
  • It has taught me how to get along with other children that aren’t my family
  • Be patient with the kids
  • Have fun!
  • You need to step out of your comfort zone
  • How to manage children and react in different situations to the best of my abilities
  • How to manage children when they are not behaving overly well – not to get angry but suggest other things to do


What’s was your favourite thing about being part of the Childcare Training Hub?

  • I enjoy looking after the kids & to play in the playground with them
  • I liked looking after children because I want to work with children
  • I enjoyed playing with the kids and the song and dance
  • Being able to spend time with the kids and the experience it gives
  • I enjoyed spending time with the kids and getting to know them
  • I gained experience I will need in a future career
  • Playing make-believe games with them
  • Learning about what the children enjoy

What’s your next option after this?

  • I would like to work in daycare/childcare
  • Go to college then TAFE for childcare or University for social work
  • Going to college then getting certified to work with children
  • Get the qualifications to work part-time in a childcare facility, then to go to uni to train as a kinder/prep teacher

If you would like to know more about our Child Care Training Hub then please feel free to contact Kelsea Clingleffer.