School Buddy

One of the services that we offer to local schools through our interns and children’s worker Kelsea Clingleffer is a School Buddy program.

This program is custom designed to what the local primary school’s needs are.

This past term Matthew Groom and Kelsea have worked with some young children who have simply needed a buddy at school.

They have played, encouraged, supported and built into some children who are very troubled and who are finding the hard of life presenting itself early.

As a centre we have the utmost admiration for teachers.  They do an amazing job and care deeply for their students.  All teachers need community support.  This is where we believe we can support teachers and students through our School Buddy support.

The School Buddy support program simply offers:

  • Schools with personnel for an afternoon a week
  • Utilisation of personnel that will be in the best interest of the school.  We do not have an agenda.
  • Participants in our School Buddy support program must comply with our Child Safe policies, be approved and they receive training one morning a week on matters pertaining to community care.

This program is quite intense as we watch some littles grappling with the hard of life at an age too young for the hard to be so real.

It is emotionally taxing on our team; it is a financial investment from Tailrace into the local school with no government or other help.

It is important for us to stop for the one, to care for our local school and our littles.  They are our tomorrow.

If you would like to help sponsor this program you can do so by naming donations:

School Buddy

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Acct. Name:  NDCC Inc
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