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By August 15, 2016 The Table
Raw & Healthy Cooking

I was visiting a friend who was very overweight, depressed and had an undiagnosed auto immune disease.  My heart went out to her and her family.  Hospital stays are never easy when you have a family.

But my visit was interrupted with arrival of lunch.

I was aghast at what I was looking at…

… Milo, white bread with some sort of filling on the inside and preserved fruit and jelly.

I was shocked.

I would never in a pink fit feed my children such rubbish if they were sick.

I’m the grand daughter and daughter of an orchardist and prolific vegetable gardeners. My life has been surrounded by good food.  Good meats, good cheeses, good fruit, good vegetables.  But to be sick with an undiagnosed illness and to receive food that at best had no nutrition to it was unimaginable.

Her body was needing nourishment, help and real food.


I was deeply confronted by that experience in hospital.  I came back and looked at Tailrace menu’s and thought about our responsibilities to health and well being.

Hospitality in spirit and heart is to welcome the stranger, to care for the stranger. To do that well means nourishing the stranger with real food. We had to take a deep hard look at ourselves, ask some hard questions about the kind of food we were delivering. I wanted us to be able to nourish people, to help keep people healthy. I didn’t want to provide food that had no nutritional value or no benefit to their body.

So we began the journey of implementing food that nourishes.

It hasn’t been an easy journey.

It took us 2 years to find chef’s that were sensitive to allergies, that had a passion for cooking real food, who want to continue learning and growing and who passionately wanted to create food that nourished.  There were many tears along the way in finding the right chef.

But slowly our dream is coming true.

  • We have eliminated sugar foods and many sugar drinks;
  • We have got savvy with dietaries;
  • We have introduced a healthy a la carte menu, party and conference menu;
  • We are trying to grow our own fruit, herbs and vegetables;
  • We have implemented Raw & Healthy Cooking Classes.

Raw & Healthy Cooking

Raw & Healthy Cooking Classes

Our Raw & Healthy Cooking Classes with Tashy Werner is one way in which we are trying to help Tasmanian people fall in love with their local produce.

Tassie has amazing produce!

We are so rich with wonderful fruit and vegetables, cheeses and meats.  We can choose to eat healthy, to nourish our bodies.

But sometimes we need a little hand in knowing how.  I love the heart of our chef’s in wanting to share their knowledge.

We discovered the gift of Nutrition for Life and Dr. Gary and Belinda Fettke.

Nutrition for Life and the input Gary Fettke has had on our thinking and products has been life giving for us.  We are very excited to have  Nutrition for Life Nutrition Consultant Dawida Rose-Nel come and present at the next Raw & Healthy Cooking Class.

We wouldn’t have been able to do this journey without the love, the big heartedness, the connectivity and the generosity of time, talent and treasure that Dr.  Gary Fettke and the Nutrition for Life team have provided.

We could never as a business have implemented many of the changes we have done without their voice.  He prepared parents and the wider community with the why and the need for change.  He paved the way.

We look forward to the day when Dr. Gary Fettke’s voice won’t be silenced any longer but will continue to provide us with wisdom, knowledge and health.  As a team, as a business and as individuals we are all better nourished than we were 2 years ago.  Thank you Dr.  Gary Fettke and Nutrition for Life.

To everyone who has been on this journey with us.

Thank you.

If you would like to book in for our Raw & Healthy Cooking Class please do so as places are limited.