Pay It Forward To India

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Pay It Forward to India

Early December Tim and I boarded a plane to go and visit our Pay it Forward to India projects.

We have been supporting vision in India for over 15 years and it was so exciting.

Visiting the Children’s Homes was such a highlight.  I loved seeing the children so happy.

It was moving to see how children who were vulnerable to life on the streets of India were being fed and were receiving an education.

In India the statistics surrounding children are not heartwarming.  20 million children live on the streets.  Life on the streets means that many of them end up in the sex slave industry.  50 million children have no access to education.  1 in every 3 girls won’t live to celebrate her 15th Birthday.

Pay it Forward to India



Visiting the Sew n Sow projects bought me to tears.  I remember when this project was such a small vision of hope.

The project trains women in sewing so that they are empowered to start their own business.  When they finish their training they each get a sewing machine.  It is such a powerful project in a country that has no welfare system.  Imagine you are a woman and your husband dies or leaves you you have no income – there is no welfare system.

Visiting this time I was so excited to hear how this project is developing.  Women are coming together to mass produce sanitary pads so that more women can be employed and rise above poverty and at the same time empower young girls to be able to attend school.  Because of a lack of sanitary pads so many girls can’t attend school regularly.

How exciting to think that for some girls their lives are going to change forever.


Visiting Homes for the Mentally Ill was such a beautiful experience.  I loved watching men and women being so tenderly cared for.  The mentally ill are often left to fend for themselves on the streets.  To see compassion at work was amazing.


Visiting the Training Centres was incredible.  To love means inconvenience but it also means that there has to be teams who will love children, women and the mentally ill.  Most of the workers being trained were under the age of 25.  Young men and women putting their hand up to create change in a country that needs loving.




















We live in such an amazing time.  A time where we can bring compassion and hope to a world that is going a little mad.

We can bring love and joy.

We can change people’s future.

So thank you for loving.

Thank you for Paying It Forward.

Every time you buy a meal at Tailrace Cafe you make a difference in someone’s life.  So thank you.

To date $1296.60 has been raised through our Pay It Forward project in the cafe.  So thank you.