The power of Coffee Beans

By June 30, 2017 Pay It Forward
The power of Coffee Beans

The power of Coffee Beans

They are only a small thing but for many of us they are a life saver.

This precious little bean brings so much joy and happiness.

It helps bring our body alive early in the morning and keeps it going all day long.


What most people don’t know is that coffee was first crafted by Ethiopian monks.  Cappuccino refers to the shade of brown used for the habits of the Capuchin monks of Italy.


This precious little bean was crafted into a drink with frothy milk that brings us so much joy and happiness.

We chose the coffee bean to represent our heart for humanity.

The coffee bean was given as a gift and we choose to hold that bean and give it to others.

We choose to give $1 every time someone buys a meal to others who are less fortunate than ourselves.

You get to choose which of the 4 causes you want your $1 to go to with a coffee bean.

A meal plus a coffee bean will mean that love is being sent to:

A21 Campaign – 

A21 is a not for profit organization fuelled by radical hope that human beings will be rescued from slavery and be completely restored.

Millions of slaves.
A $150 billion industry.
1% ever rescued.

At the age of 14, most girls are getting ready to enter high school and dreaming of the possibilities ahead. But for Karlie,* that was a far stretch from the nightmare of slavery that had become her reality.

Karlie* dreaded every single day. She had been coerced into a life of slavery, being forced into incomprehensible acts with people her father’s age…

To read more of Karlie’s story go to the A21 Web site.

Empart – 

Empart brings love and hope to people in South East Asia.   Community workers are trained and empowered to bring love, hope and transformation to local communities in the form of education, health and welfare.

On our Facebook page you can view a video of one of the projects that we support.

Shine – 

Shine brings love to local girls struggling with all sorts of hard.  SHINE works with young women who are at risk of disengaging from the education system and society, negatively impacting their employment and life opportunities into the future.

Syria –

13.5 million Syrian people are needing help.

As children and families  survive as refugees, they need the following emergency items:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Medicine
  • Child friendly spaces
  • Care kits for children
  • Education packs for children
  • Schooling

The needs are huge but we agree with Mother Theresa when she wrote, “If you can’t feed a hundred at least feed one.”

Over the past 12 months $3593 has been raised within Tailrace Cafe for these 4 causes.

Thank you for your support, for your love and for buying one of the meals that has a coffee bean attached to it.

The power of a coffee bean!

Sharon O’Neill