We invite you to purchase one of our beautiful Sapling Candles.

Sapling Candle Co give 100% of profits to disadvantaged communities in Asia. Help us make a difference in the world.

4 Beautiful flavours:

  • Vanilla and Sandlewood
  • Pine, Patchouli and Rose
  • Fresh Citrus and Coconut (my favourite )
  • Geranium, Grapefruit and Sage


Our candles, from the wick to the packaging, are made from all natural and/or reusable ingredients. Below is a statement from our candle supplier:

“Herein we assure that the above product is processed from soybean oil or vegetable oil. It is a pure natural derivative, causing no harm to environment. It does not contain paraffin wax.”

We have spent many months developing great working relationships with both overseas & local suppliers. They have created our product using materials that generate minimal environmental impact & use some of today’s most progressive ingredients such as soy wax & lead-free wicks. All Sapling candles are fragranced using either natural (70%) or essential (30%) oils.

Even our packaging is reusable! We have intentionally avoided using boxes for packaging, instead we have a wonderful Melbourne-made calico bag with rope tie for each candle. So cute!


Small liquid spots or unique blemishes may appear on your concrete vessel over time, however this does not affect the scent or burn quality of the candle. Concrete is a porous material, which means that certain liquids or oils may at times seep through the vessel. This is not considered a faulty product, but simply a side-effect of choosing concrete as our candle vessel. We love the uniqueness of each and every candle!


Each time you light your candle, particularly the first burn, you should allow it to burn for up to (no longer than) 4 hours or until the top layer of wax is liquified right to the edges of your vessel.

From the second burn onwards, you should trim the wick to approximately 5mm, trying to avoid getting black soot in the candle. If you don’t have a wick-trimmer, use an old pair of nail clippers (you’re welcome).


YES! You sure can reuse your jar. We recommend using a washing technique for soy wax, due to its low melting point.

1. Use a knife to remove excess wax from the edges of the jar.

2. Place the jar in the sink and fill with hot tap water and allow to soak.

3. Scrub remainder of the wax off.