It’s hard being a parent today. Part 2.

By October 25, 2017 February 20th, 2020 Our Kids Programs


“It’s hard being a parent today.

Do you remember the first article we wrote?  If not click on the link above to discover the article.

Well this is part 2.

In that original article we outlined some changes we were going to make to Kids Paradise.

Kids Paradise is a place for children to exercise their imagination.  That instead of buying the next great thing we were going to take the centre into a space where families could connect through play and learning experiences.

We want to encourage children to play again, to be whimsical, to laugh out loud and giggle, to explore and to innovate.  Adults and children are equally important.

Our approach is three pronged:

Free Play – This is where children are encouraged to interact freely with the play spaces provided.

Guided Play – There will be times when we provide a staff member to play with the children, guiding them in different forms of interactive play.

Workshop Play – This is where we will be providing children with step by step play opportunities.

We want children to have fun and to give their boundless energy expression but we also want children and parents to have a joyful, peaceful connection.

So how’s it going?

We are 3 months into this change of vision.

We still have some learning to do.

But…we are so grateful to those of you who have supported the changes.

On Saturday we had a grandma who bought her grand daughter in for a play.

It’s not always easy being a granny and connecting with your grand daughter no matter how much you love them.

She thought the staff were brilliant in the way they interacted and played with the children.

She was excited to be offered a family pass.
The young girl on the coffee machine had never made a macchiato but listened to her and achieved a great coffee for her.
She thought the staff were brilliant in the way they interacted and played with the children.

She couldn’t get over how friendly, interested and welcoming the young staff were.

Then there was the mum who was blown away by the cooking class and the young man who read stories to her child.

I am very excited by this start.

We still have a long way to go with our own imagination and vision, our training of staff and resourcing the possibilities but…we are very very grateful to those of you who have embraced the change.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Remember if you have any ideas let us know because you and your family really do matter!

Love and hugs Sharon