12 Christmas Ideas

By February 3, 2018 Christmas
12 Christmas Ideas

12 Christmas Ideas

It seems so crazy to be planning Christmas events but at the Tailrace we love to make your life easy.

Can I let you in on a not-so-secret secret?

Sometimes, planning a Christmas event doesn’t happen or its a little pathetic because we leave it until the last minute.

Yet most businesses  I’ve worked with have an expectation that their Christmas event will be a wow thank you event for their staff, to be met with a different reality – one that is yes, grateful and nice, but also laced with financial pressures, relational drama, or loads of stress.

Perhaps you’ve encountered something similar?

I get it I know it’s really hard when you are running to plan gratefulness.

You are so justified in feeling that:


  • Planning a Christmas  is far more work than it should be;
  •  You should have more time to savor the Christmas season of your life rather than work yourself dry planning this event;
  • You should not have to do all this extra work on top of your own workload.


You’re not alone in feeling those things either. And the first step to to getting your Christmas experience is Accepting where you’re at.

  • Maybe you haven’t even begun to think of Christmas. That’s ok.
  • Maybe you have been given the job to think about it but you don’t know where to start. That’s ok.
  • Maybe you’re really looking forward to the fun of planning this year’s Christmas event. That’s really ok.
  • Maybe you have started planning and some of it has been good and some of it has been not so good.That is all ok.


What makes this Christmas journey incredible isn’t the perfectly unrealistically massive budget or the endless energy to do every single thing and more.

What makes this Christmas journey incredible is that it’s YOURS – messy flaws, beautiful imperfections, glorious struggles and all.

And truth be told, you just may be in a far better place than you even realize.

You did happen to find a place of employment that actually wants to celebrate staff and say thank you.  #winning


Wherever you are at I’m going to lift my glass and offer up a yummy glass of bubbly to you for showing up and making it happen in the name of Christmas gratefulness and love.

But that’s not all I’m going to offer you today…

I’m going to share our 12 Christmas Ideas.  12 incredibly powerful solutions that will make ALL the difference in your Christmas planning journey.

To help kickstart your Christmas journey simply Download our Christmas Compendium


P.S. Did one of these struggles that I mentioned really hit home for you and you’d love someone to share with? Maybe there’s one I didn’t mention? In the side bar let us know and whilst you’re at it let us know what you think about our 12 Christmas Ideas.  We want to make this Christmas special.

Sharon O’Neill