Jewel Toned Wedding Styling

By July 6, 2018 February 20th, 2020 Fundraisers, Wedding Styled Shoots, Weddings
Tailrace centre viewing room Jewel Tones

This Jewel Toned Wedding Styling  will take your breath away!

It took mine away.

Winter is a magical time of the year to get married

When I popped in to look at Rachael & Kate’s winter table my heart melted.

Gold candelabras created a dramatic affect on teal coloured table cloths…

Blue candles pointing out the wonder and the beauty of the wattle in full flower.  Brightening a dull winter’s day…

Bringing a winter’s song to the table…

The rich hues of red paper daisies cast their magic spell against the deep gold and teal.

It felt like I had entered a story book.

I wanted to taste deep mulled wine and whiskey under these dazzling lights.

I wanted to sit and eat at this table.  To taste roasted lamb or quail served with rich roasted winter vegetables.  I wanted to pour gravy, made from the fats over my meal, to sit across the table and laugh and giggle out loud.

There is something inviting about a winter’s wedding.  It’s invitation deeper and richer.