Our Little Warriors

By August 8, 2018 Kids Paradise
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Our Little Warriors

It’s hard to believe that we have so many little warriors living right here in Launceston.

Warriors who go out of a night time to find food for their siblings.

Going through rubbish bins looking for what they can find.

Our left overs their little meal.

Our little Warriors are brave and strong.

Trying to survive in ways beyond their years.

Taking responsibility for their own emotional needs.

For most of us we are oblivious to their needs.

We see them as disruptive, naughty and rude.

When really they are Our Little Warriors.

There are too many little warriors at the moment not loved.

Alone and not having their needs met.

It’s not their fault.

They are only little.

Nelson Mandela rightly said, “The true character of a society is revealed in how it treats its children.”

At the moment there are too many fighting to simply survive.

Too many for a culture like ours.

We can debate politically until the cows come home about whether events should be gender specific or open to all; whether we use balloons or have sugar or whether we don’t.  Whether we feature guns in dress ups.  They are all real and important issues but there is a bigger issue then all of that and its simply we have too many kids in our community at risk.  There is a growing number of warriors in our community who have little fun, little love, little in terms of the basic rights of a child.

I handed a social worker tickets to the Enchanted Evening, tickets to give a girl a night of fun.  She took the tickets, and then she said, “Sharon is there anything for boys.  It’s our boys that are in trouble.  We have hundreds of boys on our list needing help, needing time, needing mentoring, needing adults and families in their lives.  If we don’t do something for the boys we are going to be in trouble in a decade from now.”  She went on to reveal stories and statistics that left my heart broken.

I personally don’t care if our events are gender specific or not but I do care that lost little souls have an opportunity to know that they are wanted and we are interested in their well being. I am interested in giving kids fun and a night of extraordinary ordinary. I can’t solve this problem but I can offer to give them a night of fun, where they can giggle and be part of community, part of a bigger family, part of something that might say in some way, “You Matter!”

So I’m asking for sponsorship.

I would love for there to be gender equality.  We raised enough sponsorship for 100 girls to attend the Enchanted Evening and I would love to be able to sponsor 100 boys.

For those 100 girls it meant the world to them.  We received beautiful letters of thanks but more than that we know that significant decisions in terms of identity were made.  I’m hoping at the Warrior Night that these precious little boys might get a picture of who they are and can be when they grow up despite the obstacles they are already encountering.

I want the boys to have the same opportunity.

Will you be part of the Launceston family that wants to help our little Warriors have a night out.

A night of fun.

A night of ordinary extraordinary.

To donate a ticket it costs $20.

You can donate using the Donate button above.

We have had 7 tickets for boys donated to date.