” The Health Of Those She Love’s Starts With Her “

By September 1, 2018Fundraisers

The Health Of Those She Love’s Starts With Her “

Addressing the Elephant in the room…


We live in multiple worlds.

We want to be real but we also struggle with acceptance.
With our current world saturated with beautifully curated lifestyle on our Insta-grid guaranteed to get us “likes” and extensive following… we also crave for realness.

But not everyone can cope with realness. Despite the cry for realness, society would generally respond to realness with awkward silence or by looking away. It is not because we are not compassionate, most of the time, it is because we just do not know how to respond.
We also fear that because we may not have the solution to the problem we are should not talk about it.


The highlights of our lives are just as real as the “lowlights” of our lives. And they both have a voice to be heard. And they deserve a conversation.

When I was invited to organise the Women’s Health Expo, my WHY was apparent. I wanted women to talk about the “elephant in the room” freely.
Menopause hot flushes? Painful sex?  Miscarriages? Post-natal Depression? The anxiety of motherhood?
Let’s talk about those things.

This year, our theme is simple: ” The Health Of Those She Love’s Starts With Her ”

Women, mothers, grandmothers… we are the nurturer, comforter, guardian and host of things that bring life to our family. If we agree with that notion, then we need to be equipped and be open to evolving to new knowledge and wisdom that others can offer to us.

In the last 3 months of preparing for this Expo, I have the privilege of meeting many women that breathe this same message. Their message didn’t arrive randomly into their lives. Most of them went through the darkest moment of their lives to birth their life-giving message for today. I am inspired by their relentless journey.

This Expo is NOT about visiting a marketplace to “buy” anything per se, it is about connecting the community with different service providers, organisations and businesses that could assist in women’s well being.
That we are not alone.

That those women health issues aren’t a taboo, they should not remain as elephants to remain silent about….

From unplanned pregnancy to struggling with menopause…. They are organisations/service providers and experts in the field that can help in our health journey.

This is my personal invitation to you.
I can’t wait to meet you and to discover your WHY for coming.

To Women’s Health,
Shirley Bliss
Event Manager for Women’s Health Expo 2018