I’m a for Life Fan…

By November 15, 2018 February 19th, 2020 The People of Tailrace
I'm a for Life Fan...

I’m a for Life Fan…

I am seriously a for life fan of the Work With No Barriers Program and Jasmine’s story is why.

I'm a for Life Fan...As a village we have helped Jasmine go from work experience to valuable employee!

I hope you read that…You, I, and Us have helped Jasmine go from work experience to valuable employee.

I hope right now you are doing a happy dance.

This is a major achievement…thank you, thank you, thank you.

If you’re at the Tailrace on a Tuesday you will have met Jasmine.

Jasmine started at the beginning of the year as a work experience student.

Before coming to the Tailrace Work with no Barrier Program, Jasmine had applied for lots of casual jobs but lacked the confidence to succeed.

School was also a challenge and she found her world getting smaller.

Since being part of the program Jasmine has become a happier person.

She’s not the only one with a smile on her face these days.

Her mum is loving the program.  She loves to see Jasmine’s face light up after a shift or training session.   She is such a joy to be around.

Jasmine loves being at Tailrace and she loves the person she is becoming by being here.

Jasmine says she has become more confident, she’s made new friends.

She is finding courage as she tries new things.

For her she finds permission to try because  the Tailrace staff are so encouraging.  This new found confidence is spilling over into other parts of her life and she’s decided to try Dance next year at College.

She finds herself smiling more and more at life.

Smiling at the adventure of discovering new things about herself… …what she likes and what she doesn’t like.

“I found it difficult at first, I didn’t like working in the kitchen but now I am in the café and I love making coffees and being busy in the café!”

She’s gone from work experience to valuable employee!  The Work with no Barriers works!

We love you Jasmine and love your BRAVE.  There is so much goodness in life for you.  You are a treasure.  Thank you for being in our life.

Thank you for your part in Jasmine’s life.

  • Every time you have chosen Tailrace cafe you have given Jasmine experience.
  • When you say thank you and appreciate her efforts you have built confidence.
  •  $1 from every meal purchased goes towards Jasmine’s work training.

Want to set in motion more goodness?

Why not buy someone a Work With No Barriers Gift Voucher?  A perfect gift for someone who has everything and wants to send love on its way.  You choose the amount you want to spend.  We give you a voucher and you know the gift is going to help train another Jasmine and to give another opportunity.

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