Finding Brave

By November 22, 2018 February 19th, 2020 The People of Tailrace
Finding Brave

Finding Brave

Finding BraveWhen we talk about Brave we are talking about Cameron’s story.

An amazing young man who captures images through his photography with such beauty, spreading joy through his smile and his contagious banter.


But life wasn’t always so sunny!

When we first met Cam, he was struggling to make friends, to fit in and to concentrate at school.

Anxiety and seclusion seemed to be his only friends.

Then Cameron put on his brave.

He became a part of our Working with no Barriers program.

Because he chose to be brave the real Cameron has emerged.

He is full of joy and laughter and loves making coffees for staff and guests.

If you love a good latte, and I mean a really good latte Cameron can help you out.

One of his teachers has remarked that Friday is the day for stories.

All the stories and laughs and excitement that has come out of Cameron’s Thursday at the Tailrace

Now school is exciting, there is hope for tomorrow and subjects to be conquered and when school finishes Cameron’s greatest wish is to work at the Tailrace Café where he can pay forward the love, joy and acceptance that he has received.

Thank you so much for being a part of Cameron’s journey.

For helping him stay Brave.

Every time you support Tailrace you are setting in motion opportunity and life transformation opportunities for others.

Our Invitation

This Christmas we invite you to maybe use one of our special Gift Certificates to pay it forward so another Cameron can find his or her brave.  You can do this by thinking of someone who maybe wants a gift that sets love in motion.  You choose the amount you want to put on the Gift Certificate and set in motion more brave.

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Being brave