Win 5 Nights in Thailand!

By December 13, 2018 Wedding
Wine 5 Nights in Thailand

Win 5 Nights in Thailand.

Marriage is a love story.

It is your love story.

Right now you just got engaged and I know you have a lot of crazy goodness going on right now.


We want to add to the crazy goodness.


You are excited, everyone is asking you questions about your dress and who your bridesmaids will be.

In the middle of all the crazy goodness of what is happening right now it can be so easy to forget to live your love story.


To give the gift of time to your love story.


You are one of the lucky ones…you have found the one your soul want to marry.


Planning an engagement party, a wedding is so much fun but it also comes with stretch, hurry and busy.

It can be so easy in the midst of all the planning to lose sight of your own love story.


In the midst of all this delight He often wants his girl back.


He wants time with his girl without all the engagement and wedding talk.

He simply wants to sit across the table and to run his hands through her hair.

To whisper sweetness into her ear.

Darling when I talk to you, I often hear the longing…the desire for all the planning  to be “over” so you can simply be with the one your heart loves.

I know in this modern age we don’t prioritise the gift of time like we did in era’s gone by.

Work calls, life beckons, children need attending to, families gathered…so many reasons to not spend time with the one your heart loves.

Life is more complex.

But marriage is a love story.

It is your love story.

At the Tailrace we want to encourage your love story.

We want to help you write your marriage story.

To have time to sit across the table from one another, to snuggle into love’s cacoon, to cherish and love one another.

To dance under night skies, singing and laughing out loud glad for life and love.

Where children and work and busy life take a back seat and for a little time its just you two writing your love story.

So we are very excited to offer an opportunity to our Engaged Couples:


5 Nights at Club Med Thailand


Together with RACT and Club Med in Thailand we have a Getaway Package we are offering to one lucky couple who book an engagement party or wedding reception with us before April 2019.

What is included in our Getaway Package?

✈️Flights to and from Thailand

???? 5 nights Accommodation
???? All-day gourmet dining
???? Premium open bar
⛵️ Sports & Activities
???? Live entertainment
???? Free Wi-Fi



The opportunity to win this Getaway Package is for guests who book an engagement party or a wedding reception with us before April 30th 2019.

On April 30th we will draw the name of the lucky couple.


Contact us today to discover more about how we can help you create not only your engagement party or wedding reception but also your Getaway Package.