Will you sponsor a little?

It’s so easy to grow deaf to the beauty of who you are.

There are so many loud voices out there telling us what is beautiful and what is not.

It’s hard work being a momma trying to raise your little in the world in which we live.

If you listen to the loud sounds you hear that your little is loveable if they have the right waist height, heel height and bare enough flesh.

But a good momma knows that her daughter is worth so much more than this.

You look into the eyes of the one you love, that you birthed and you see her worth.

As you brush her hair of a night and read night time stories you know that she is loveable.

Of worth.

Exquisitely made.

Precious as a ruby.

Your daughter is beautiful because you love her.  You don’t love her because she is beautiful.  She’s not an object, a shrine.

She is your little.


That’s the work of momma’s to help their littles know that they are loved and adored.

It’s so easy to grow deaf to the beauty of who you are.

When you have no momma.

When momma is tired and absent.

Broken and damaged.

Afraid and alone.

Momma’s love is powerful.

There are little girls in our city that need a momma’s love.

A sound that is loud enough to interrupt the silence.

To drown out the other loud sounds.

To say we see you…

I’m asking for a company of momma’s to give their heart to a little.

There are little girls in our city who would love to come to the Enchanted Evening and Morning but cannot.

Littles struggling with images about their bodies.

Littles struggling to find a mother’s heart to snuggle into and whisper those secrets.

One’s whose mums and dad’s can’t afford to take out, to bless and give opportunity to.

I’m asking for the momma’s in the city if you will rise up and be a momma to these littles.

We have 100 littles that struggle to hear how beautiful they are.

The messages in their life are so much stronger.

Will you love the one?

Can you a momma extend your powerful love to another?

It’s only a night, a day but we know from girls gone past how memories become memorials of change and growth.

Of beauty and of love.

Of a future and a hope.

We have littles stories of how a night of magic breathed love and hope into their little heart.

The Enchanted Evening is on the 17th of May and is an evening where we place value and worth upon a child.

The Enchanted Morning is the 18th of May and is an exquisite event for the littler little or the one who needs a quieter environment.

This year we are hoping to sponsor 100 little girls.  Will you sponsor a little?

If you would like to be a momma to the 100 can I ask that you deposit your little token into this account:

Sponsor a Girl