Pay it Forward this Christmas

By December 4, 2019 Pay It Forward

Would you like to Pay it Forward this Christmas?

This Christmas many people in Launceston will face debt.

As they go about their Christmas shopping, debt will be whispering and creating a heavy burden on their soul.

In their soul they know in 2020 they will need to face the debt hanging over their lives.

“Every month I tried to make a payment, but it would never take anything off the bill.  I had shame that I had never felt before.”

Shame flourishes in silence.  Debt continues to flourish in silence.

Picking up the phone to ask for help is a big step towards overcoming debt but one of the most difficult steps a person can take.

At the Tailrace Centre we offer 2 services for people in debt:

  • CAP Debt Centre
  • Budget Money Courses

They are both free services.

We can offer these services free because of the generosity of our trained volunteers Liz Lethborg and Ros Frost.  These two girls give 1000 volunteer hours a year.  This equals $30,000 of giving.  They live out  Aussie mate ship and we are so grateful for their kindness.

We can offer these services because of our support workers who accompany Liz and Ros providing support, friendship and community to families and individuals isolated by debt.

Finally, we can offer this service free because of Aussies who want to help their mate.  This service requires$10,000 of donations annually.

Would you like to donate this Christmas and Pay it Forward?

Many of our family and friends don’t want anything material.  They want to pay it forward.

I know I have relatives who are ageing and who have everything they need and want. They want to leave an impact.  So by giving them a Pay It Forward Voucher they feel happy and blessed because they know they are helping make a difference in the world.

By giving a Pay it Forward Voucher we help people in debt.  We help our neighbour.

Its a double blessing!

Blessing the person we give the voucher to and blessing the people who benefit from the CAP DEBT CENTRe and money courses.

If you would like to purchase a Pay It Forward Voucher you can purchase it here:

I want to Pay it Forward to CAP this Christmas