Join our Open Play Group Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s from 9am – 12pm.

Designed for older babies and toddlers.

It is a great place to meet other families, get inspired, and play!

Every week there will be new and different activities for your children to engage in.

Every month there will be a new theme for your toddler to enjoy.

Your toddler will have access to painting, craft, sensory activities, construction activities and cooking along with our Kids Town, and Climbing play grounds.

Family Pass Members:  Free

Non Family Pass Members:  $7 per child per week.


Common Questions parents have?

Why an open Play Group and not a closed Play Group?

In 2020 we are offering Toddler Sense an amazing 10 week experience for both toddler and parent.  Toddler Sense is not only good for toddler but it also provides the small group community both parents and toddlers are looking for. By joining a class you join a tribe of parents and together you enjoy 1 hour of guided sensory play with your toddler.

In 2019 Toddler Sense won the What’s on 4 Kids Award in 4 categories:

* Best National Baby Activity (0-2 years)

* Best Parent and Child Activity

* Leading International Children’s Activity Provider

* Best Franchised Activity – people’s choice award

Every Toddler Sense session is jam-packed with fabulous activities and fun adventures to help your adventurous toddler or child burn off excess energy and develop vital physical, communication, social and intellectual skills that form the foundation of all future learning.

Why an Open Play group?

We can provide you and your toddler with some open activities and allow your child to experience some child directed play.

Instead of being program directed play can be directed by your child and fit in with what your child is needing for that particular week.

Remember play for a child is learning.

What about morning tea?

Tailrace Cafe will offer some kid friendly food and beverages for you to purchase.

How much does it cost?

$7 per child or get a Family Pass and the play group is Free.

Family Pass:

Half Yearly Membership Rate

  • 6 monthly Pass $75.
  • Renewal rate  within 1 month of expiration is $59.

Yearly Membership Rate

  • 12 months Pass will be $125.
  • Renewal rate within 1 month of expiration is $109.
Get a Family Pass