Bold Burnt Orange | Wedding Styled Shoot

Bold Burnt Orange Wedding Styling

Warm up Winter with Bold Colours and Moody Tones.

There’s something about winter that just inspires us to be bold. Barren trees and frosty grounds give us the space to play around with bold colours and moody tones. This styling was created to stand out against wintery backdrops and create a warm feeling.

Building Your Colour Theme…

When planning out this styling we knew 3 things. One, we wanted a burnt orange table runner. Two, we just had to use the gorgeous white ferns we’d seen at Outside Flowers. Three, we really wanted to use taper candles (it took us 4 stores, but we finally found some taper candles in Launceston at Dusk.)

Because we decided to go with taper candles we had to include gold into the styling as we only have gold taper candle holders. It looked so good with the orange we just had to incorporate more with the addition of gold charger plates!

Because we wanted to create a really bold look it made sense to add a touch of black with the napkins and the taper candles. We love coloured taper candles, it’s a really fun, easy way to spice up a look.

Be Flexible…

One of the great things about this look is you could easily substitute the orange runner with any other colour and it would still look amazing. A deep blue or a sage green would look gorgeous with the gold, black and white.

We love being flexible with our ideas because more often than not things don’t happen exactly the way you picture it in your head. That doesn’t mean you don’t end up with a beautiful styling, but often you start with an idea but the store might not have the exact shade of orange you imagined, or you can’t find the right candle holders at an affordable price. Be flexible, work with what you have and have fun.

Table Runners…

When it comes to styling a long table, table runners are a great addition. Your runner could be fabric, a long wooden board or greenery. Either way it helps your styling pop. For this styling we chose an orange cheesecloth from Spotlight. The cheesecloth has a gorgeous, soft texture that sits really nice on the table and creates depth. We love this fabric because it doesn’t have to be perfect to look good. You don’t need to iron it, or even hem it. You just let it fall and maybe adjust it here and there.

Purchasing fabric for your wedding…

When it comes to purchasing fabric for you table runners the most important thing you need to know is how much you will need.

Our trestle (rectangular) tables are 2.4 meters in length and each sit 8 people.

For long table stylings, the best way to figure out your measurements is by table rows. For example, if you were having 24 people in one row that would be 3 tables pushed together. You would then need at least 7.2 metres of fabric, but we always recommend adding at least an extra metre so your fabric hangs off the end of the table, or so you can rumple it.

You would then end up with 8.2 metre for a row of 3 trestle tables.

Quick Formula…

2.4 metres per table + 1 metre per row of tables.

Save Money…

One money saving trick you can do is to cut your fabric in half length wise. This instantly doubles the amount of fabric you have and the amount of tables you can get out of them. We usually do this when making runners, however it just depends on how thick you want the fabric to sit.

Our Styling Cupboard…

One of the reasons we do our styled shoots is to inspire your imagination and show you that a range of gorgeous styles can be achieved at our venue. To do this we sometimes purchase items specifically for the shoot.

Below we have listed which items are from our styling cupboard and which aren’t.

Items Purchased for Shoot:

Our Stock:

  • Gold Taper Candelabras
  • Glass Vases
  • Rock Table Number
  • Gold Charger Plates
  • Black Napkins
  • Table Cloths, Cutlery & Glassware

Get The Look…

Want a look like this for your wedding? We’ve made it easy for you with our styling packages. Head over to our Styling Page to have a look at our styling options.

Stay Inspired… 

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Shot, Styled & Written by Rachael O’Neill