With every journey, there’s a beginning.

Our journey began around the kitchen table.

In one year we knew 8 people who had suicided.

Our hearts wept.

As we sat around the table and shared our grief we realised that our world was filled with a lot of perfect, hurry and an awful lot of hard.  We live in a world that values how fast we go, how much we accomplish and how much of life we can pack into a day, a week, a month a year.

Days just seemed to get shorter and more chaotic.

Meals were getting quicker and less healthy.

Life seems to be sucked out of bodies and yet we were still getting up, getting dressed, taking care of our families and surviving another long day.

It seemed we were being forced to live the perfect life.  The perfect house, the perfect marriage, the perfect kids, the perfect holiday, the perfect…

Even worse we realised that unlike previous generations we no longer had community to rely on.  The table had been replaced by perfect, hard and hurry.

We realised our bodies – our mind, body and soul needed a whole lot more then what life was offering us.

We were experiencing the effects of life outside of the Table. When we discovered life at the Table we seriously fell in love with life.  


We literally went from feeling defeated and exhausted to being energised, empowered and enjoying life.   We went from perfect to present.  It blew our minds that one simple change could make such an impact in our lives.

Transformation from the INSIDE OUT

We discovered that we were bread and wine people.   We loved crusty, golden breads, hearty seeded loaves; crispy pizza crusts.  We loved the smell of bread coming out of the oven.

We loved wine.  There is nothing like the sound of a good blood red or gold wine being poured into a tall stemmed glass.  The aroma sweeps across the table – musty, rich, sweet.

We loved accepting the invitation to come to the table. To accept a hand extended from the divine to help us with life.

We loved accepting the invitation to believe that there is a God in heaven who loves us dearly and who wants to be with us as we do life. That He is here and He is good.

We discovered God at the table. We became Bread and Wine people.  We became Christians.

about us


We realised that there is so much about life we can’t change.

We can’t turn an old vinegar into a good red wine.

We can’t help someone choose present over perfect.

We can’t stop hurry or the hard.  We can’t fix, heal, or put broken pieces back together again.

We can’t change mindsets or belief systems.

There is so much that we cannot change.

But we could share what had been given to us in our hard, hurry and perfect life –a space at the table, a reminder that a helping hand from the one up above was present and available.

So the Tailrace was built as an invitation to the Table.

We could offer ourselves, whole hearted and present, to walk with you as you do life.  To be present as you walk through the joyful times of life, the messy times of life, the hard and the peaceful.  That is all any of us can do.

In doing this we have fallen in love with life at the table.  Hands passing bowls, knives and forks clinking against plates, bread being torn, laughter as stories old and new were weaved, the glow of candles, the connection of hearts.

About us

We love seeing people come with need and fragility and find a space at the table.  We love offering space to the one who others are either “pro” or “anti” towards.

We love logging minutes with people’s hearts.  The preparation for a wedding, a baby, a birthday celebration, soul care.  To be present.  To offer simple nourishing food.  To hold a hand, to celebrate, to believe in one another.


We loved offering the gift of simply being present, accepting, listening. Praying with and for on days when life falls apart, when it shatters in our hands.

We love the table because it is where time stops.  It is where we look people in the eye, where we tell the truth about  how hard it is, where we make space to listen to the story.

We love the table because it is where we get to serve vision, hopes and dreams beyond our own.  To be present in the midst of someone’s else’s dream and celebration.  To laugh, clap and dance with people.


We love the table because it is where we offer ourselves as community to one another.  The table is a great equaliser.

We want you to have a voracious appetite for life.  To live, to laugh, to love.  We want you to fall in love and write in your life an amazing enduring, courageous, love story.  We want to hear the gurgle of kids laughing, dancing knowing they are loved and having their souls nourished.  We want to simply be present, to create space at the table for you, your life, your dream, your celebration.

The invitation of Tailrace is an invitation to the table.