Date Night

Date Night
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Date(s) - 29/11/2019
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Tailrace Centre


Date Night

Our last Date Night for 2019.

The food looks pretty amazing.

Main Bowls

Glazed ham, roasted chats, sesame carrots, maple pumpkin, char grilled red onion, glazed pineapple, honey mustard, sweet potato and leek curls

Turkey and cranberry roulade, parmesan parsnips, roasted sweet potato, spiced beets, sweet peas, glazed orange, cranberry sauce and kale crisps

Dill and garlic barramundi, cherry compote, cauliflower cheese, roasted cherry tomatoes, grilled artichoke, grilled zucchini, wilted spinach and lemon butter

Dessert Bowls

Frozen Christmas pudding bowl, chocolate bowl, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, rum soaked mixed fruit, chocolate coated macadamias, toasted coconut

Shortbread bowl, brandy custard, candied pecans, caramelised peaches, brandy cream, caramilk chards

Meringue bowl, cherry compote, white chocolate mousse, vanilla cream, Vienna almonds, white chocolate chards

Date Night

Date Night is all about You.

It is about creating a night where you can spend time with the one you love or with friends you haven’t caught up with for a long time.

“I’ve watched how something truly as simple as a beautiful table and a lot of good food can make the most amazing friendships.”

There are many reasons why we find it hard to make time with the one we love or even with friends we care about:

  • Life is busy and full;
  • You are constantly tired;
  • You can’t find child care for the children;
  • Child care + a night out is out of our budget;
  • Cooking and entertaining isn’t something we are good at;
  • Life is simply too hard;
  • I often feel frazzled enough without adding one more thing to life.

But here are the things I know when we sit at the table and connect with the one I love or with friends I care about I:

  • Feel heard and seen;
  • Laugh and giggle out loud;
  • Feel a human being again and not just a mum or a dad;
  • Have adult conversations and can finish a conversation;
  • Have a good time and feel connected;
  • Feel loved and cared for;
  • My love tank is filled up;
  • The world seems a better place.

We have been doing Date Night for over 6 years now and every night we see a difference in people from when they come in to when they leave.  The tension has gone.  They are lighter, more connected with themselves and with each other.

What Happens with the Children?

Date Night, Tailrace Community Church Volunteers  provide child care from 5pm – 9pm in Kids Paradise.

Structure of what happens for children aged 0 – Grades 5:

  • Free Play
  • Dinner for the children
  • Story time (We choose stories based on fun and values which will encourage love and kindness)
  • Crafts/Games/Activities
  • Pick Up when you’re ready to leave

All volunteers have years of experience working with children and they all have their working with vulnerable people cards.  They are trained and equipped to care for your children.

Grades 6 and upwards are invited to join our Youth Group Activities for the night.

This is crazy fun!

Who knows what will be happening on any given week except for crazy fun.

We invite you to enjoy our Date Night.