International Women’s Day 2021: Choosing to Challenge

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Date(s) - 09/03/2021
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


International Women’s Day 2021: Choosing to Challenge

Many of us we believe women have reached equality.  But equal rights without equal opportunity is not really equality at all.

Equity = rights + opportunity.

This conversation around equity is a really important one for us to be having.

The following stats were generated from an end of year characteristics and wellbeing survey that was conducted at youth group.


  • Females in our youth group are 15% more likely to experience past or present homelessness.
  • Females in our youth group are 17% more likely to be victims of domestic abuse.
  • Females in our youth group are 29% more likely to experience social isolation.
  • Females in our youth group are 11% more likely to suffer from past or present mental ill health.
  • Females in our youth group are  15% more likely to disengage from education and training.


This demonstrates some of the complexity women face on the journey to equality and why it is important for both men and women to continue the conversation.

“Men and women were made to work together to transform the future.  not separate work, but together work.  It is not only a winning formula for change; it’s a way of love that is the most transformational currency on the planet.”  Bob Goff

Event Details

4 guest speakers:  

Tameeka Lynch, Janie Finlay, Lee-Anne Patterson and Jono O’Neill

Host:  Sharon O’Neill

Cost is $55

Funds raised on the evening will be going to supporting young people in our community.

2 course Jude’s meal

Some of the meals will be served and cooked by youth who have been trained in hospitality through Noss’ Red Shed Initiative.

Opportunity to Donate

An Opportunity to continue to Challenge inequity will be given on the evening.


Tuesday 9th March 2021

6pm – 9pm


The Tailrace Centre


$55 per person.

Call 6327 4538 to book your spot!

Or Click the Button Below to purchase online.

international women's day


Tameeka Lynch

Tameeka started her working career in her family’s retail business at age 14 on a casual basis, joined the business full time at age 18 and while working full time she graduated university with a Bachelor of Commerce.

Most recently, Tameeka comes from a male dominated commercial banking background having spent 13 years at ANZ as a Business Banker with experience in teeny tiny loans for little businesses, huge, multi-million dollar loans for big businesses and everything in between.  Nearly three years ago she started her own business, contracting her services as a finance broker to Up Loans and enjoys working for herself and helping her clients obtain finance.

Janie Finlay

Janie has been serving our community for many years; working at the Beacon Foundation, Launceston College and Ashley Youth Detention Centre before being first elected to the City of Launceston in 2000.  Getting down to work quickly Janie was elected as Australia youngest female Mayor in 2002.  What were often very  confronting times, Janie refers to this period as her ‘Apprenticeship of Fire!’

Now some 20 plus years later having sat around board room tables, spoken on international stages and worked for global companies; Janie’s focus has always been and is still at home here in Northern Tasmania, with her family and our community.